About allEars

We are always bombarded with new amazing content, and we often squirrel away links to articles we wish to savor later. Those long blog posts that deserve more than 10 seconds of our attention? Bookmarked! But in our bookmarks they often linger and linger. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every blog was a podcast? That’s why we created allEars!

allEars can track all the content you’ve gathered on the web, and read it back to you. Organize it in playlists, then listen to it wherever you are. It’s the most interesting podcast you’ve ever followed, a podcast made with exactly the content you want.

But it doesn’t stop there. Web content includes text, media, and references to other content. allEars doesn’t only read out loud an article’s main text, it also manages its rich surroundings. A slide show of the pictures in the text is synced to the audio flow. allEars tells you when a new picture is being displayed, and reads its captions, so you won’t miss anything. And allEars gives you a summary of all the linked content, synced to the audio flow and read back to you as new links are found.

With support for 5 languages (with more being added all the time!) and multi-lingual content, you’ll never run out of interesting things to hear!

About us

We’re a team of avid audiobooks and podcasts listeners. Some of us listen while driving, some while exercising, doing household chores, shopping, eating. While we love the pleasure of reading a good book, very often our eyes are busy, while our ears are not. That’s why “listening” is such an invaluable alternative. If you, like us, have added “listening” to your content consumption habits, then try allEars!

allEars is in beta

allEars is currently in beta, and we’re offering free upgrades to “premium” accounts to support the beta program. If you’d like to participate in the beta program, please register as a free user, then contact, and include your allEars username. For a feature comparison between “free” and “premium” accounts, visit our features comparison page.

Our iOS app is in beta too, and available for download through Apple’s TestFlight. It supports any iOS device running iOS 11 or newer. To join the iOS beta, click our TestFlight public link from your iOS device, then follow the instructions on screen. For any questions or comments about the iOS beta, please contact

Our Android app is still under development, but come back soon for updates!